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White fillings: We can provide you with natural looking, long lasting white fillings instead of silver amalgam fillings. White fillings are bonded to the tooth and can actually strengthen the tooth structure.


Veneers: The ultimate makeover for your smile. Veneers in either porcelain or composite can transform stained, damaged and crooked teeth into a straight white smile you can be proud of.


Crowns: We use dental crowns to restore and protect badly damaged or cracked teeth, which can be used for teeth that have been weakened by severe decay or a large filling. They cover the entire outer tooth, strengthening and preserve your existing tooth.


Bridges: A dental bridge is fused between two crowns to replace a missing tooth. The two neighbouring teeth act as anchors, keeping the crown in place.


Tooth whitening: Improve your stained and discoloured smile with tooth whitening. We lighten the colour of your teeth and improve stains which are caused by food, drinks and smoking.


Root canal treatment: Also called endodontics, root canal treatment is carried out when decay or injury causes an infection in the blood or nerve supply of the tooth. Root canal treatment is necessary so that the infection does not spread and cause an abscess, or for the tooth to be removed. We remove the infection from the root canal and then clean and fill it to prevent further infection.


Dentures: If you have lost a substantial amount of teeth, a full denture will provide benefits to your health and appearance. A partial denture can also be used to fill spaces left by missing teeth.


Scale and polish: A deep clean of your mouth - a scale and polish involves us using a special tool to remove the build-up of tartar and then giving your teeth a thorough polish. We'll concentrate on the bits of teeth that people miss when brushing, such as between teeth and just below the gum line.

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Dental treatments from Middleton Dental Care

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General and Cosmetic dentistry available at Middleton Dental Care

We are a relaxed, family run dental practice with two full time dentists. Paul and Elizabeth Middleton are both qualified dentists and members of the British Dental Association, with Mr Middleton having established the practice in 1987.


We offer personally tailored dentistry, assessing our patients on an individual basis before agreeing a treatment plan. We offer Denplan payment schemes to assist with the cost of dental work. It is our aim to provide you with affordable dental care and ensure that your teeth are in the best possible condition to avoid remedial work. Contact us today to make an appointment.